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As Wickramarachchi Opticians we are very proud to announce; that since 1976, we bear the reputational recognition from worldwide organizations: (UN, SLIDA, AGBELL, REDCROSS and etc.…)

No matter who you are, being an adult or a mid-aged or a child or an infant, we are specifically prepared and dedicated to serve you with our best services via integrating with all your vision as well as sight related issues and disabilities in order for you to overcome all such obstacles and enhance your living experience to an extreme happiness. Come,

join with us towards a better future with a better vision.

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We have more than 20 Branches Island wide. No matter where you are...

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We have many branded eyewear. And we provide highest quality customer services in first place.

What Clients Say

To be very honest, the experience was tremendous at WICKRAMARACHCHI. I was really impressed with their service delivery, the was the care and the way they bear. It is a must to be mention that it was phenomenal experience.
Now I can see clearly, and reliably, thanks to WICKRAMARACHCHI OPTICIANS.

We believe that Wickramarachchi is a place to get heal. It is must to mention that that the experience we had there was absolutely a great one. We had no any idea about the eye disabilities we had until went in there.
The staff attended to us enthusiastically and we got our problem sorted out ending up with the most suitable and standard eye wears for us. We value them a lot. Thank you Wickramarachchi.

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